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Character: Rubius “RIP” Colley

Gender: Male

Age:  16
Origin:  Lower precinct of a large metropolitan city

Race: Golden Retriever/Collie mix
Height:  4’ 11”

Skin/Fur Shade:   Reddish bronze fur, white belly
Hair: Short shag same length covering body, longer fluffy bangs hanging just at eye level
Eyes: Dark brown, large

Friends: Generally hangs out with everyone having no hang ups with other cultures and races.  Spends most of his time with other boarders from the lower class districts.

Family: Rip is from a huge family and is constantly surrounded by relatives from the entire age spectrum.  He lives with his immediate family of two older brothers one older sister one younger brother, two younger sisters, Grandmother from his father’s side, Mother, Father, and a few miscellaneous cousins.  He is closest to his father who is the Chief of Police for the entire lower area of the city, and his youngest sister

            Rip’s Dad dislikes skateboarding but he understands that it has kept Rip away from the drug crowd.  He tries to motivate Rip in his mechanic skills beyond the level of fixing boards.  Rip very much respects his father but would never admit it to his friends.

Significant Other:  None presently.  Likes chasing girls with bushy tails up trees.

Scars/Markings:   Scabbed up knees and elbows  and some nasty scars on his shins under his fur.
Build/Physical Features: Medium build with enough mass from muscles and milkshakes to make the high aerial stunts.  Usually comes across as shaggy and un-kept, covered in stains and street dust.
 Clothes: Baggy t-shirts with skate sponsor and band logos.  Cargo pants that are off white so he can get away with wearing them as part of  his white school uniform.  He stashes the uniform’s white overcoat in his locker so he won‘t destroy it.  High top off-white sneakers.

Jewelry: Sometimes carries at leash and collar around in his pants pocket to make fun of leash laws.  He will wrap in around his waist or arm.

Skateboard Design:  Red feather.

Talents:  More versed in street skating than vert , but he’s good enough to represent his skate park in both.  Up on the latest in electronics, he likes playing with computer code and the internet over game systems.  Script-puppy level compared to other local hackers.

Skills:  Mixing sugar with protein, cracking jokes, best classes are math and technology, mediator among friends, cheering up people, baby sitting

Likes:  Cookies and other junk food, hanging out in populated areas,  figuring out how to skate on everything from wooden ramps to mall escalators, pulling “harmless” pranks

Dislikes:  Physical fights, anarchy,  seeing his friends depressed

Personality: On first impression Rip’s spontaneity and hilariousness outshine the rest of his personality.  Rip always has something sarcastic to say.  He comes up with ideas for pulling off feats that most would deem suicidal.  He pushes himself to the extreme mostly out of curiosity, and puts more thought into what flavor of ice-cream he wants than the consequences of  kick-flipping off a slanted glass roof.  Underneath, Rip is generous and considerate of others, being used to sharing everything with his siblings.  He will go out of his way to help his friends even if it means suffering through extreme discomfort like standing in acid rain or riding a dingy train for hours at midnight, though he isn’t above complaining about it.  When he’s had enough from someone he’ll express it.  He has a stubborn streak when it comes to enforcing his own beliefs or proving himself.

History: Rip grew up well loved in a large lower middle class family.  He was introduced to the local skate park at the age of 9 by the other kids in his neighborhood.  It was more of a recreational thing until he figured out how the hover engines on the boards worked.  It became his obsession to tweak them and test their limitations.  By the time he entered his teens, Rip was getting paid by other skaters to fix and install their equipment and had a place on his park’s team.  The park keeps him too busy to get involved with his school’s drug and gang scene, but up to the beginning of his enrolment in a private High School all of his friends outside the park were rooted in it.  Their influences rubbed off more than he would like to admit. Everyone on  the police force knowing his face from a framed picture on the Chief’s desk only added to his rebellious streak. 

Goals:  Rip has cooled down a lot now that he has survived to his Sophomore year.  He only keeps a handful of close friends outside the park and is starting to care more about his health.  His greatest battle is against his sweet tooth.  He is also getting close to landing a sponsor and a chance to tour outside of his city.  He would like to go pro for a few years then either open a skate shop or become a systems guardian for an internet based company

Notes:  The Border Collie may become compulsively riveted on things with moving parts, things like analog clocks or dripping faucets, neighborhood cats, or the youth soccer team at the playground, and either stare fixedly for hours or try to coordinate the last great roundup. Left to his own devices, he may become an escape artist, all the better to chase cars, frolicking children, deer, or livestock, all without rancor but with the innate drive to herd. His compulsion can be the death of him if he runs into the street or chases and nips at children. Unlike some breeds that are active outside and quiet inside, the Border Collie can be a household busybody, into anything or everything to assuage his curiosity and his Type A personality.”

Golden retrievers have become useful as guide dogs for the blind, deaf and other handicapped individuals because of their intelligence, trainability, well-rounded temperament, as well as their ability to get along well with people.

Goldens are particularly forgiving dogs and will allow you to make many mistakes while still wanting nothing more than to please and be acknowledged for it with a scratch behind the ear. As a testament to their desire to please, the first three dogs to obtain Obedience Trial Championships were Golden Retrievers.

As is common with the retriever breeds, this is a breed slow to fully mature both mentally and physically. At a year of age, they will have their full height, but their full weight will be another year or two in coming. Mentally, they remain puppies for a long time (up to two or three years of age) and many retain a very playful and clownish personality for most of their lives.”

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