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John Aletta
aka "Jon Jon the Phenomenon"

Gender: Male

Age:  16

Origin:  Middle class precinct of a large metropolitan city

Race: Tailless bat

Height:  3’ 10”

Skin/Fur Shade:   Light gray fur.  Pink ears and nose.

Hair: A three inch high lime green Mohawk

Eyes: Large and with lime green contacts.  Underneath, his eyes are very nearsighted and yellow.

Friends: Ryo and Chad.  He is very solitary, despite his love of showing off.

Family: Two older brothers going to college and living away from home.  A Mother and Father who are both supportive almost to the point of spoiling their youngest son.  His mother is a well known lawyer and his father is a salesman for timeshares.  

Significant Other:  No time, and no one can keep up with him.  Not much of a social life outside the skate scene.

Scars/Markings:  A significantly large scab and burn collection over his entire body.

Build/Physical Features:   Huge ears, tiny muzzle, thin fluffy neck, long thin arms and waist, strong well built legs, large clawed feet that can grip as well as hands.  

            His wings are evolved enough to have hands and a pose able  thumb with a little bit of webbing between his fingers.  There is enough wing membrane along his arms to half glide half parachute down from high aerial stunts, but he cannot fly or stay airborne for more than a few minutes.

Clothes:  White A-shirt, baggy green cargo shorts with black drawstrings on their hem.

Jewelry: None, it just gets in the way.

Skateboard Design:  The open mouth of a dragon.

Talents:  Excels in vert skating more because of his build than anything else.  He has a great sense of timing in stage direction and dialogue, and has a couple play scripts he’s been working on.

Skills:  He has managed to build his own style of vert skating off of the leverage he gets from his wings and his ability to grip the skateboard deck with his feet.  He’s also a master at combat style video games.  Best class subjects are History and Drama.  He is secretly a member of the Shakespeare society.  

Likes:  Being in the spotlight, sushi, improving his tricks, action movies, arcades, traveling and performing in new places.

Dislikes:  Hot and stuffy places, losing to anyone, and not meeting his own expectations of himself , bad hair days

Personality:  Jon Jon has a great front of being the “too cool for you” macho kid, but underneath he is his worst critic.  Appearance and style are his top priorities.  He believes that the best way to rank ones talent is by how well one is sponsored and how many skateboard demo tapes one is starring in.  He has great admiration for skaters who are the same level or better than him, but due to his bad social skills, his shyness always comes across as arrogance around them.  He feels like an outcast in anything not relating to plays or skateboarding.

History:  Jon Jon’s style of skating was so different from anyone else’s when he was first learning, that none of the professionals knew what to make of it.  He got a lot of criticism about it looking sloppy, especially when his wings would slow him down on the ramps.  He would lose the little bit of thrust he was able to get from his tiny form.   

His parents had always pushed him to be competitive since their own jobs were both win or lose fields.  Competing at different skate parks became his fastest way of getting any positive attention.  His outlandish style also got him noticed by skateboard companies who were looking for something original for their videos.  Watching how some of the more professional videos were done was what sparked his interest in directing and acting.

Goals: Jon Jon’s dream is to skate every country in the world at least once, but his more realistic goal is to become a published playwright or director.

Notes:  His body heats up very quickly and has no means of cooling down fast enough beyond exerting heat through his wings and ears.  To make up for it he drinks and douses himself in about twice his weight in water every day.

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