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Ferris Odell

Gender: Male

Age:  16

Origin:  Upper middle class sector

Race:   Otter

Height:  5í 2Ē

Skin/Fur Shade:   Chestnut with lighter brown fur from face to bottom tip of tail

Hair: none, his fur is the same length over his entire body

Eyes:  dark brown, small, rectangular

Friends: Rip, Raisa, other boarders and film lovers of all species and ages.  Only hangs out with those who accept him for who he is.

Family: Ferris lives in a solid family of otters with many relatives but only one sibling.  Both of Ferrisí parents are computer marketing advisors and are in the process of starting their own business.  They are attentive and encouraging to their two sons, but have had less time for them this past year than in the past.  Ferris has a hard time getting away from his 8 year old brother who clings to him in idol worship.

Significant Other:  Flirts with girls on occasion, but he gets too shy to follow up on any of his real crushes.

Scars/Markings:   Beyond the normal scrapes on his knees and elbows heís got a sizable chunk missing from his left ankle and a gash from when he snapped one of the bones in his tail.

Build/Physical Features:  Long neck, waist and arms, wide shoulders,  thin hips, short legs and big hands and feet.  Heís freakishly flexible for one who appears so solid.

Clothes:  Plain tee-shirts or with cartoon or movie characters, a button up over shirt, baggy shorts, black shoes with red stripes.  Favorite colors are burgundy and black, along with other muted earth tones.  He goes to the same private school as Rip, and will change completely out of his white uniform after classes.

Jewelry:  Nothing visible.  He has a silver watch on a chain in his pocket for good luck.  Is was a gift from his Grandfather and has never broken despite how many times heís landed on it.

Skateboard Design:  A piranha skeleton

Talents:  Ferris is a champion at street skating, but tends to keep his distance from vert after breaking his tail.  He has been filming skaters with a digital camera for two years and has an excellent eye for photography and filming.  He always pushing for extreme angles in his shots.

Skills:  Following through on his projects, holding conversations as well as hearing others out, making killer milkshakes, and his favorite classes are Literature and Photography.

Likes:  Keeping up on all the latest films, talking about them, then seeing them again.  He loves winning awards for his work, swimming, and sunning.

Dislikes:  white, going into the lower districts where there is too much smog, arrogance, his little brother getting hurt.

Personality:  Ferris is very easy going about most things, but has his definite obsessions, like a couple movies with cult followings.  He never pushes others to follow the same things he does, nor does he look down on anyone who is into something he doesnít like.  He knows everyone has their own thing and gets annoyed at others who donít hold the same philosophy.

            He spends as much time in the darkroom at school as he does in the skate parks until summer comes around.  Then itís impossible to pry him from a swimming pool full of water unless you bait him with a pair of movie tickets.

            Ferris is very protective of his friends and family, especially his little brother.  He will get notably paranoid whenever his brother is tagging along with him, causing Ferris to snap like an overprotective parent at his brother as well as whatever poor friend happens to be with him at the time.

History: Ferris has had a well rounded uneventful childhood, which is pretty rare among his friends.  He went through his early years jumping from one activity to another, but always with his skateboard in tow, until he saw his first skate documentary.  The film inspired him to pic up a digital camcorder and began his own experimentations.  Heís gotten a few awards for his work in the process.

            Ferris has known Rip on and off through the parks and didnít become close friends with him until Rip almost landed on top of him while skating a stairwell at the school they had both started attending as Freshmen.  The two of them recently built a website together of Ferrisí Photos, most of them of Ripís death defying stunts.

Goals:  Becoming a video editor or Feature Film director. 


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