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Aura Moser

  Thesis Synopsis

Rip Side is a story about the conflicting views of Skateboarding, the media’s perspective of it as a competitive sport revolving around money and sponsorship, and the actual skater’s attitude of cooperation and friendship.  

Rip Side
is mostly told through the characters personalities and how they interact. The main character, Rip, is seen as relying totally on his two friends, Ferris and Raisa, doing anything to support them in return.  Rip’s antagonist, Jon Jon “The Phenomenon,” stands alone in his limelight, shoving others aside in belief that they will only get in his way.  The two of them come to blows over their beliefs in an all-out race through a futuristic multilevel mall, skating every obstacle in their path.  When reaching the very top of the mall, Rip bails on a railing and falls off the side of the building.  Jon is left to either follow his beliefs or abandon them by saving Rip.

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Everyone in Rip Side is a different species of personified animal that correlates to their personalities. Rip being a collie/golden retriever mix makes him both loyal and stubborn, while Jon Jon as a bat is just too cool.  Can you imagine the aerials he can do with those wings? 

See the skaters!    Rip     Jon Jon     Ferris     Raisa


The setting for Rip Side is a futuristic Sci-Fi world where the skateboards have trucks that hover instead of wheels.  Besides the added hover tech there will be similar technology as today with elevators and escalators along with plenty of stationary staircases and ramps.  The buildings will be a mix of modern and neo-classical architecture.  It is very much like New York City, only with taller multi-level buildings connected by ramps and bridges for pedestrians.  Vehicles hover like the skateboards and do not require roads.



All of the animation in Rip Side will be traditionally drawn and inked.  It will then be scanned and digitally colored in photoshop 6.0 for color consistency. 

Animating the skating tricks will be the fun part!  Skate videos, photographs from skateboard magazines, and independently taken photographs will be used as reference. Life drawing studies and interviews at Vans Skate Park in Arizona and Chelsea Piers in New York City will also be used.

Lip-sync will be animated based on a track preformed by voice actors at Pink Noise Studio in SoHo.


Backgrounds will be hand-drawn using photographs taken of New York City, Van Skate Park in Arizona, and malls throughout Arizona. The finished work will be traced onto thick paper or canvas and hand-colored using acrylic paint and color pencils. 


The entire animation will be composted in After Effects and then edited with music, voice track, and sound effects in Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro.

Storyboards, Backgrounds, and Animation Tests will be added soon!

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