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Raisa Namir

Gender: Female

Age:  15

Origin:  Middle class sector of city

Race:  European Burmese Cat/ albino tiger

Height:  5 ft

Skin/Fur Shade:   White (If only I had time to give her stripes)

Hair: Black, shoulder length with jagged bangs to eyebrows
Eyes:  yellow, large

Friends: Rip and Ferris, hangs with more guys than girls

Family: Divorced parents, lives with mother and two older sisters.  Her father is where she gets her tiger blood.  He is a trucker who has never settled in one place. 

Significant Other:  not looking yet

Scars/Markings:   some brutal gashes on knees and elbows

Build/Physical Features: strong and agile, curved hips, small waist, med bust

Clothes: Raisa prefers sleeveless tops and hip huggers that are too long for her legs.  She always wears purple sneakers with yellow stars. She wouldnít be caught dead in a skirt.  Her colors are dark blue, yellow, and purple.

Jewelry:  none

Skateboard Design:  A yellow catís eye

Talents:  Telling people off, leadership, Always landing on her feet has given her a good advantage in vert skating, but her balance keeps her in the lead on the street.

Skills:  Best classes are PE, Social Studies, and Physics.  Raisa has a good sense of how things work within the mind, making surveys online to test her theories.  She knows the ins and outs of her skateboard, but leaves the tougher customizing to Rip.

Likes:  Traveling, people watching, large crowds, setting goals and achieving them.

Dislikes:  Getting electrocuted by broken trucks, people who canít back up what they preach

Personality:  Raisa is known for her quick mind and wit.  She says her opinions openly and without remorse.  She doesnít care who it is sheís speaking to, be it, parent, principle, enemy or best friend.  Not to say all of her comments are negative.  Her advise has helped many people out of jams, and her schemes are always more logical than anything her friends could cook up.  She is often the one others turn to for help with life situations. 

            She prefers to study different peopleís clicks and classes before complying with any trends and tries to stay as original as possible in her look and social activities.  She only does what she finds fun and interesting and advises others to do the same. She is always looking for ways to test and improve her balance.

            Raisa hates being cooped up in one place for too long unless she is doing something active. She got her bug of wanderlust from her father when she spent a month with him on the road one summer.  

History: Raisaís parents divorced when she was only a few years old, and only sees her father occasionally, and then mostly holidays.  This has made her more restless than her two older sisters.              She has a short record of petty theft from the age of 10-12 due to hanging out with other girls who were a bad influence.  When she was finally caught, she was taken to the police station maintained by Ripís father.  After meeting Rip at the station, she decided he was a much more loyal friend then the girls who abandoned her under pressure.  Raisa has been close friends with Rip ever since.  She has also become more independent and true to herself because of his motivation.

Goals:   Getting into a touring vert teem,  visiting cities around the world, becoming a social worker or surveyor for an offline magazine.




As Burmese grow, their high intelligence emerges and their own individual personalities start to unfold. They mature into charming, resolute executives who move in and take over a household, running it efficiently with those big eyes and a velvet paw. They are good with children, will tolerate the family dog, and if introduced to it at an early age as something pleasant, most will enjoy traveling in a car.


Magickal Attributes by D.J. Conway :
Power, energy. If action is called for donítí analyze it to death, just do it! Unpleasant but necessary action only gets worse with procrastination. Finding strength and willpower to tackle an unpleasant situation.

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